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Piano Care

With a collaborative effort between the owner and technician a well maintained piano can realise a lifetime of enjoyment through proper piano care.


Temperature and especially humidity are critical elements in the performance of any acoustic instrument.


Sudden changes and extremes can impact tuning stability, mechanical reliability, structural integrity as well as the longevity of your piano.


Understanding how your piano responds to variable humidity changes in the room can be achieved by using a good quality weather station preferably with a memory function.

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To maintain a constant suitable environment for the piano you may need to use a humidifier or de-humidifier.


Keep your piano clean with a good quality microfibre cloth and if the finish is polyester use Brillianze on cabinet and keys.



For general advice and care see the Piano Technicians Guild website.

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Yamaha Piano Warranty booklet and conditions.

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Piano Care

Paul Tunzi Master Piano Technician