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The Klavier Atelier and collection of Mag. Gert Hecher.

Through out this, research journey Ive had the opportunity to meet some of Europes finest senior curators, restorers and technicians.

It has been very encouraging to also meet some remarkable young technicians including the technician Maks Stok from the workshop of Gert Hecher.

With original materials especially rare, exotic or now banned products like ivory, it is important to salvage as much as possible of redundant instruments to re-cycle to use in restoration or building

Collection of Gert Hecher

This Franz Bayer fortepiano has endured two major reconstructions. Fashion or space had this piano reduced in size at great expense. Here again it has been returned to original length with a remarkable level of skill and expertise, craftsmanship

Maks beautiful cabinetry and polishing skills