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Paul Tunzi - Keyboard Instruments

Perth is now home to some rare and significant historical keyboard instruments.

In the picture on left, The First Fleet Piano by Frederick Beck 1786

This mahogany ‘square piano’
is arguably the most historically important piano in Australia. As the first piano to arrive on Australian soil as part of the First Fleet in 1788, it holds a unique place in the cultural heritage of our country.

Instrument on far right: Bent Side Spinet by Furley Hawkins 1736

This bentside spinet is a priceless treasure, being the only extant instrument made by the English maker Furley Hawkins in the world.

Other instruments in this picture : harpsichord by Bruce Kennedy, Fortepiano by Paul McNulty, modern concert grand by Fazioli & Steinway

details of other rare instruments held in the collection by The Western Australian Academy of Performing arts can be downloaded on my site as a PDF