Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Paolo Di Stefano

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Three examples of keyboard journeys.

One of the worlds finest and equipped museums, with resources to investigate, research and restore priceless artifacts, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam represents an example of informed and considered approaches to conservation and restoration

This priceless 1640 Ruckers harpsichord has been in the same family in Germany from its beginning and now on loan to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Careful and considered investigation into the preservation of this instrument that is mainly in original condition, is crucial for a number of reasons. This instrument was used extensively by possibly the greatest harpsichordist Gustav Leonhardt for recordings. Antwerp had two famous sons,Ruckers, regarded as the Stradivarius of harpsichord builders and the workshop of the artist Rubens.Here, we see the owner in discussion with conservation and art experts.

This 1808 Erard piano is in original and playable condition. Commissioned by King Louis Napoleon

Ruckers Virginal 1640 in original condition, will be carefully investigated as a phd project for research and conservation.