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Quote-Left    Paul Tunzi has been a longtime annual guest lecturer in the Topics in Performance Practice unit at the Conservatorium of Music, UWA. His engaging style of delivery and ability to deliver a real-life listening experience of historical temperaments never fails to make a huge impression on students, who often comment how much they enjoy his lecture in the unit.

Paul’s deep knowledge of historical keyboard instruments, temperaments, and keyboard tuning - both academic and practical - is peerless in Australia and we have been privileged to have him share that with our students at UWA.     Quote-Right

Assoc/Prof Suzanne Wijsman
UWA Conservatorium of Music

Quote-Left     Paul Tunzi is an outstanding keyboard technician, educator and artist. His professional skills have led to his premier status in the field of general repair and upkeep, while his understanding of tunings and temperament (historical and modern) has meant that Paul Tunzi is in great demand by the finest professional players. Informing all his work is his deep love of the piano and its repertoire. For him the piano is much more than a mere mechanical instrument.

Rather, it embodies the magic which the true performer can release through an understanding of the piano’s character and personality, and to this end, through lectures and workshops, he is educating the musical community in the many implications of quality care for the home, studio and concert instrument.     Quote-Right

Emeritus Professor David Tunley AM
Australian musicologist and composer

Quote-Left   Paul Tunzi is without a doubt one of Australia's finest piano technicians. The standard of work on a range of keyboard instruments is second to none. He is certainly the most in demand piano technician in Perth, and is often flown around the country to prepare pianos for some of the finest pianists in the world.

Paul has worked at the highest end of the music industry for many years, and is continually engaging internationally in new programs to expand his already impressive skill set. He has been the piano technician at WAAPA for several decades and his commitment, versatility, knowledge, advice and musicality is highly valued.

I have witnessed him at work with some of the best pianists in the world, and he always prepares the highest standard of piano that is possible. He is an experienced piano re-conditioner and has restored many fine pianos to their former glory.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul for any tuning, technical work or advice relating to pianos.     Quote-Right

Associate Professor Graham Wood
Head of music - WAAPA


Quote-Left     Paul Tunzi is a special kind of piano technician. His understanding of the piano (in all of its many historical incarnations) is subtle and sophisticated; this is evidenced by his richly informed and consummate tuning skills, and by his formidable, insightful and faultless capacities as a piano technician.

Paul inspires those around him. He consistently reveals the skill and intelligence to problem solve. He is resourceful, practical and (most importantly) musically sensitive.

Paul is a deeply compassionate and calmly secure individual, who is never self-serving at the expense of others. His empathy and mature vulnerability not only explain why he is respected by his peers and by keyboard players working at the highest national and international professional levels, but also go a long way to explain the finesse of his work.

Paul Tunzi is the sort of piano technician/tuner who brings passion-driven dedication and high-quality expertise to each and every keyboard instrument that he encounters. Australian musicians are greatly blessed to have a person of the calibre of Paul Tunzi in their professional midst.     Quote-Right

Geoffrey Lancaster AM
Australian classical pianist and conductor

Quote-Left     In his review of the album “Haydn: Arianna a Naxos” by Edwards and Lancaster, Roger Covell makes reference to Paul Tunzi’s work by saying: “The instrument Lancaster uses has been beautifully tuned and prepared”.     Quote-Right

Roger Covell
Sydney Morning Herald


Quote-Left     Reflecting on the past two decades in classical music in WA, Paul Tunzi is the name at the top of my list of influential people within the community. From my time at WAAPA as a student to my present day role as a professional musician at the University of Western Australia, it is Paul who has been there along the way, to tune and to service all keyboard instruments, to work on instruments for specific artists both visiting and local, to fly around the world to personally select a suitable instrument for a venue, and to educate both musicians and musically uneducated alike. It is Paul's passion for the keyboard and all it pertains to that is glaringly evident when you are in his company.

Looking back to the late 1990s, there were few professional venues that were easily accessible to musicians (with quality professional pianos). Over time, Perth has seen various establishments as well as secondary and tertiary institutions come to fruition with their substantial acoustic and instrument specifically chosen for that venue. For the majority Paul has been the one to choose these instruments, and to continue servicing them lovingly, so that we as performers are able to select a venue with confidence, knowing the work that has gone into every part of the instrument, from voicing to aligning every interval so that each sound is as it should be.

Personally, I always feel a sense of relief knowing I'm about to perform on a piano that Paul has serviced. I have only the utmost respect for someone who has so enriched our community over so many years. May there be many more!     Quote-Right

Caroline Badnall
(Associate Lecturer UWA) B.Mus.A F.Mus.A


Quote-Left     Paul Tunzi combines the finest standards of artistic sensibility with a technical prowess of the first order. His wealth of knowledge and experience, training in the great piano ateliers of the world, and his gentle diplomacy when seeking professional advice guarantees instruments in his care are maintained to the highest international standards. 

Paul's unique experience, position and skills have enabled him to generously assist in sourcing pianos and giving advice to many of Western Australia's community groups.

We cannot endorse his work more highly.     Quote-Right

Faith Maydwell
Anthony Maydwell
MAUWA, DSCM(Teacher), DSCM(Performer), GradDipEd Sydney University, AMusA


Quote-Left     When on the road as a concert pianist, it makes all the difference in the world if one knows there is a technician one can trust to prepare pianos to suit particular venues. Good tuning is a basic requirement, and expected, but it's rarer to find a technician who also understands the subtleties of toning and voicing an instrument to match a hall's acoustic, to match a player's requirements and to bring out the best a piano has to offer.

Perth offers both great venues and great pianos, beautifully prepared for performance thank to technicians like Paul Tunzi.     Quote-Right

Piers Lane AO
Australian classical pianist


Quote-Left     I was privileged to be the Program Manager of Classical Music and Jazz at the Perth International Arts Festival for six years, and Concerts Manager at the University of Western Australia School of Music for four years previously. For all of those ten years Paul Tunzi was my piano technician of choice. His technical skill, empathy for musicians and their music and relentless curiosity and desire to constantly learn have earned him the highest professional respect from his peers and musicians from across the globe. He is supremely talented, sensitive, passionate, creative and caring. He lavishes equal care and attention on every engagement, whether that be tuning a much-battered student practice piano or skilfully and lovingly preparing a brand new concert grand for world-class artists. He has a deep love of music and great respect for all those who participate in it, at whatever level of accomplishment.

 For the Perth Festival Paul prepared instruments for artists across a wide variety of genres. He sourced and prepared Steinways for Chick Corea for his Five Peace Band performance outdoors at Kings Park, harpsichords for Richard Egarr with the Academy of Ancient Music, Faziolis for Angela Hewitt and - in a feat of technical accomplishment and sheer tuning tenacity - five concert grands by four different manufacturers for the Perth premiere of Simeon ten Holt’s magnum opus Canto Ostinato. This last project would have been unthinkable without Paul’s creativity, total dedication and generosity of spirit.

 I am very grateful that over these years Paul Tunzi has become a good friend and much-trusted colleague, whose sage advice is often sought and always generously given. With his encouragement and quiet but authoritative words of wisdom, he truly helped turn my sometimes outlandish musical dreams (or half-formed visions!) into rewarding, exciting musical realities.     Quote-Right

Evan Kennea
Executive Manager, Artistic Planning
West Australian Symphony Orchestra


Quote-Left     Pianists are very seldom able to choose their own favourite instrument, as transport of pianos might be very expensive and complicated. On the other side, violinists, for instance, always travel with their own instrument and bring it into all concert halls allover the world.

This is a fact: it might create expectations on pianists who might feel disappointed if faced to a piano not satisfying them. In this sense, technicians who prepare pianos and guarantee the efficiency of the instrument itself are primarily important for the gratification of pianists themselves while performing in concert. This importance of disposing of excellent technicians is even deeper for young generations of pianists trying an international competition, where they might have the opportunity to choose a brand among several different ones.

My experience in Australia - I performed three times in Perth, both in solo recital and chamber music programs - was absolutely fine from this point of view. I had a grand piano Fazioli, very fine instrument perfectly prepared by Paul Tunzi who was able to listen to my wishes and requests and accomplished all of them even better than expected, if possible.

I would love to always find excellent technicians such as Mr Tunzi during my tours.     Quote-Right


Maurizio Baglini


Quote-Left     I cannot speak too highly of Paul Tunzi as piano technician.

To a significant extent, his skill, experience and pleasant manner have for years contributed to the success of innumerable recitals and concerto performances at venues around the city.     Quote-Right

Neville Cohn
Music critic

Quote-Left     It is a delight to find a Fazioli when I come to perform in Perth, and the instruments are always very well looked after by Paul Tunzi. I hope many more pianists in the future will discover the joy of playing a Fazioli, and that it will transform their interpretations.     Quote-Right

Angela Hewitt
Classical pianist

Quote-Left     I went straight to Paul Tunzi for help and advice in sourcing a suitable piano when planning the Crank Recording facility. Paul sourced and restored the Yamaha CFIII concert grand to impeccable playing order. Artists often remark on the piano’s ease of playability, evenness of touch and depth of tone.

Since I’ve had the piano artists enjoying it’s qualities include Chick Corea, Diana Krall, Joe Chindamo, Graham Wood, Tom O’Halloran, Tal Cohen, Tommaso Pollio, David Wickham, Marilyn Phillips, Jangoo Chapkhana, Adam Pinto and Alex Sunman.     Quote-Right

Lee Buddle
Producer/Engineer, Composer/Arranger
Crank Recording/Sound Mine

Quote-Left    As a renowned piano technician in great demand by the finest professional players from Australia and around the world, Government House feel extremely lucky to also avail itself of Paul Tunzi’s professional skills and high standards.     Quote-Right

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Quote-Left    The support of the Sydney International Piano Competition from Paul is one that I hope will continue for many years to come and I hope that many more instruments and artists are able to experience the commitment, generosity and passion of Paul - a master of his craft.

The Competition developed a close working relationship with Paul during the most recent Competition in 2016. The level of expertise and commitment given, ensuring that the instrument was at its optimum playing level, was extraordinary. His craftsmanship complimented the personal support given to the young competitors from around the world that were reliant on the mastery of Paul’s skill.

In fairness and equal treatment of all young artists during the Competition, the service provided by Paul fully aligned with the expectations of the Competition.     Quote-Right

Marcus Barker

Chief Executive Sydney International Piano Competition