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Chris Maene: music retailer, Instrument builder , rebuilder and collector.

Anything and everything I could want to see on this research tour is all here.

The Maene families involvement in re building and manufacturing pianos now stretches into 3 generations.

Retailing new pianos including Steinway and along with a collection of 300 historical keyboard instruments has allowed Chris to develop his straight strung piano. Considering a large percentage of repertoire was composed on  straight strung pianos like Erard, Pleyel etc, Chris has combined tradition with innovation to create this sublimely beautiful instrument.

2 of the models available, with more models to come

maker of fortepianos

line up of a beautiful sellection of historical instruments, all playable

The copy of Steinway no:1

display of harpsichord and fortepianos for sale all manufactured by the Chris Maene factory

All these instruments were masterfully demonstrated by Koenraad Verstichel. Able to move from fortepiano to harpsichord with suitable repertoire and skill